Oils, Herbs, Butters & Powders

Oils Herbs Butters and Powders Training

  • Are you a natural skincare enthusiast?
  • Have you always wondered how the different oils, herbs, butters or powders can used for?
  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to mix your ingredients of your choice to create your very own effective butters and massage oils etc.
  • Have you ever wished you had smooth, soft, radiant, glowing skin?
  • Or perhaps you do have your own natural shine, and want to retain it with a few less of those lines?
  • Or ever imagined what it would be like to create your own DIY products? 

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  • 5 Days to unpick the most common attributes of 5 basic oils!
  • 5 Days to go over the characteristics of 5 commonly used butters!
  • 5 Days to explore 5 herbs for beauty and health!
  • 5 Days to learn about 5 powders and their uses in cosmetics!
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  • Oils are rarely known to cause an allergic reaction to the skin.
  • Discover why oils are ideal for skincare especially if you are acne prone.
  • Packed full of antioxidants.
  • They hold the power to longevity.
    They have healing properties.
  • Learn about uses for oils, from cosmetics, healthcare to cuisine.
  • Learn about vitamins and other beneficial properties found in oils.  



  • Discover how herbs and plants are the oldest form of medicine
  • Discover ancient uses and information on herbs
  • Discover how many of the basic constituents in pharmaceuticals today are derived from the herbal traditions of indigenous peoples.
  • Discover the beneficial and healing properties in herbs for cosmetic purposes
  • Discover the numerous vitamins for hair and skin benefits


With all the butters in the world, it’s hard to know which one to use on your hair or skin.

  • Want to know how to choose depending on your skin and hair type?
    Learn which choice solves the beauty woes that ail you most
  • Learn all about the properties of butters from pigments to vitamins!
  • Get all the facts and a chance to know how to use the first hand.



Despite the fact that they are derived from dirt; have well documented cleansing and purifying properties. For centuries natural clays have been used on the skin and these fine grained, soft mineral substances continue to be a popular ingredient in products today.

  • What are the benefits of clay?
    What clays are good for skin?
  • Which clay is best for glowing skin?
    What does Clay do for your skin?


Botanical Extracts

Botanical extracts are amazing ingredients to use in formulations when you want to permeate your products with a specific plant’s beneficial properties for a specific high performance experience.

  • Discover some of the botanical extracts that can pack a punch!
  • What extracts are good for the skin?
  • What are extracts in skincare?
  • Are fruit extracts good for skin?
  • Are fruit extracts bad for skin?


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