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About Us

About Us

My name is Rumbi Serima. I am the founder and owner of Mimi’s Organics Limited, an award-winning natural and organic skin/hair care product manufacturer; Mimi’s Academy a site that shares premium knowledge and information about how you can gain skills on how to formulate your own natural, organic, food-grade skin and hair care products in the comfort of your own home; and Facebook Group Oils, Herbs, Butters and Powders.

I am a bio-activist, a proponent of the natural and organic products, and the lifestyle industry. I started my career in the IT industry, trained as a lawyer and got into the world of organic and natural product formulating after discovering that my son, Matthew, was on the autism spectrum. To ease his discomfort, I dedicated years of research and discovered his condition was exacerbated by using various off-the-shelf personal care products. I set out on my mission to go natural, trained, qualified and got world-class accreditation as a Natural and Organic Product Formulator and Trainer.

My journey changed Matthew’s life as much as it did mine. Not only were we healed and powered we were also empowered. I want to empower you too….
So here lies the opportunity… As Mimi’s Organics Ltd, I’ve set up an exclusive membership site and learning hub Oils, Herbs, Butters and Powders .

This an invitation to you, yes, you, whether you are novice, an enthusiast, just curious or someone wanting to change your life.